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Messages of support for Get Norfolk Reading

We’ve had lots of wonderful messages of support for our campaign to Get Norfolk Reading, which was officially launched on Friday 24th February 2017. 

Here are just some of the things that people have been saying about Get Norfolk Reading:

"As a parent of two little Norfolk-based children I am fully behind the Get Norfolk Reading campaign. From That's Not My Dragon to Goodnight Moon to Giant Jam Sandwich... finishing the day with a book or 3 is one of the most rewarding parts of my day. Reading with children from just a few months old gives them literary skills and confidence, feeds their imagination and brings to life their creativity... and the time us parents spend reading to them will live with them forever. It isn't expensive, time-consuming or hard to do, and the earlier you start the better. So let’s make Norfolk a county of book-lovers starting today!"

Jake Humphrey (TV presenter)


"Delighted to hear about the Get Norfolk Reading initiative and support Beanstalk’s trained reading programme." 

Stephen Fry


“Encouraging children to read for pleasure is an invaluable gift and one that we should be giving to every single child.  But with smart phones and computer games offering such tempting alternatives, we cannot afford to just cross our fingers and hope for the best. I know - both from my time as Children's Secretary and as a parent myself - how educationally important it is that children read regularly.  It's also great fun and hugely fulfilling too. It is fantastic to see Get Norfolk Reading championing this vitally important cause in Norfolk.”

Ed Balls (Former Children’s Secretary)


“Raising the level of aspiration in our Norfolk schools is vital for our future - and at the heart of my Norfolk Way project. What better way than to give youngsters a love of reading: a love that opens doors in our minds and stays with us for the rest of our lives?  As Walt Disney said ‘There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates’ loot of Treasure Island’. That’s why I am pleased to be launching this great initiative, Get Norfolk Reading, this Friday with the TEN Group.”

George Freeman MP (Member of Parliament for Mid Norfolk)


“Since becoming an author I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of young people across Norfolk, and I am consistently impressed with how intelligent and fearlessly creative they are.  Books are magic, and reading is a superpower that everyone can possess. If you read today, you can achieve anything tomorrow.  Norfolk is already a county of amazing readers, but Get Norfolk Reading wants every single young person to know the joy of reading. We want everyone to have that superpower. Sometimes, a single book is all it takes to change everything, and we’re here to help young people find the story that changes everything for them.”

Alexander Gordon Smith (Author and Patron of Reading at City Academy Norwich) 


 “This is how we invest in the future happiness and success of our children.”

Louis de Bernieres (Author)


“The ability to read can transform a life.  The right book in the hands of a knowledgeable teacher and supportive parent can make a huge difference to a child, especially one who struggles. Schools have a responsibility to teach reading well and parents have a responsibility to help their child love books. Get Norfolk Reading can help us all to support this immensely important partnership and turn around the lives of children in Norfolk. That's why I'm in. Get involved! Why wouldn't you?”

Clare Fletcher (Head teacher, North Walsham Junior, Infant School and Nursery)


“Reading is the doorway to the imagination and children need books to find their way in.”

Raffaella Barker (Author and Creative Writing Tutor at UEA)


“Beanstalk is delighted to be a part of Get Norfolk Reading and to bring our one-to-one support to the county’s children for the first time.  Having that extra time each week to practise, get individual support and have fun with books and games is sometimes all a child needs to become a confident reader. As a reading helper myself, I know how rewarding an experience it is seeing the children smile when I arrive and grow in confidence week by week – and it’s great fun for me too!  I’d encourage anyone who has the time and a passion for reading to come forward as a Beanstalk reading helper and help us get all Norfolk’s children reading.”

Ginny Lunn (CEO, Beanstalk)


“Everyone working in schools and colleges, and of course employers, knows how crucial it is that we get reading right from a young age.  Whilst there is lots of fantastic work already being done to support literacy in our primary schools, Norfolk as a whole is not yet where we need to be.  Get Norfolk Reading is about bringing together all those in our county who are passionate about reading.  We want to inspire a generation of lifelong readers, enriching young lives through the magic of books, and opening up all of the future opportunities that come with better childhood literacy.”

Dick Palmer (Chief Executive, Transforming Education in Norfolk)