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The Get Norfolk Reading Story

Once upon a time, the Kingdom of Norfolk was struck by an evil curse.

The children—happy and bright and full of stories—began to stop reading. Books lay unopened, stories went unread, and as the days went by the children grew sadder, and quieter. Around the kingdom grew a wall of discarded books, one that stretched taller, and taller, until the land fell into shadow.

The village elders didn’t know what to do. Starved of their beloved stories, the children lost their spark and began to struggle. The wall of lost stories was gradually hidden by vines and creepers, until nobody remembered the treasure that lay beneath. And as the world moved on, the Kingdom of Norfolk was forgotten. 

All looked lost, until one day a young girl spotted a shred of colour amongst the vines of the wall. Too short to reach it, she sought help from Get Norfolk Reading, and when they lifted her up she found a strange object there. At first she couldn’t remember what it was, then she opened the first page and began to read.

The story was a wonder, a tale of dragons and warrior princesses, of adventures and quests. Breathless, she read it from start to finish and, with the help of Get Norfolk Reading, pulled out another. With it came a shaft of glorious sunshine from the world outside, colour flooding the street. As she read, the people began to emerge from their houses, squinting against the light. When they saw what she was doing, they rushed to help her. Volunteers lifted the children to the wall and they tore at the foliage, pulling out book after book. Soon the whole Kingdom was there, cheering aloud as the children remembered the joy of reading.

Within days, so many books had been pulled free that the wall was starting to crumble. Every time a book fell it was picked up by an eager young boy or girl, and read in the growing warmth of the sun. And soon there were no books left in the wall at all— they had been smuggled into bedrooms and playrooms where their stories spilled out each and every day.

The children thrived, the adults celebrated, the curse was removed, and once again Norfolk was a kingdom of sunshine and stories.

Sometimes, a single book is all it takes to change everything.